Solved a Creative Crisis

Not surprisingly, given the house he is growing up in… and as documented on this blog, Declan is becoming quite the little artist. However, my little Picasso has built up such a body of work that the huge mess is slowly driving me insane. Bryan, the smart one among us, thought about it and realized Declan needed 3 things. More room to actually draw, a dry erase board, and someplace magnetic to hang up his masterpieces. And he realized that we have this huge hutch that, in the 6 years since we’ve moved into this house – has done nothing but hold millions of videos that we never watch. So, after some time at Target and some time purging myself of gems like “Three Men and a Little Lady” – we have an art center for the boy. And his drawing table is cleared of supplies so that he can actually draw on it. Bryan ingeniously fit white boards and pieces of metal into the doors of the hutch, and I organized all his crap into containers that are stored on the shelves of the hutch.

Best of all? The doors of the hutch can be closed. Meaning, when art time is over, it’s also put away.

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