Summer of Sangria

What day is it again? Seriously, I am in a total fog.

It started with waiting in line for 3.5 hours on Friday night with James to get my new Phone 3G. Before you call me crazy – even though I TOTALLY AM – we literally had the BEST TIME in line. Towards the end I could have cared less if I actually got a phone or not. I was more awesome just being the “rowdy ones” in the line.

And then it continued with a Summer Sangria Party on Saturday night where I was basically just thrilled we didn’t get the cops called on us and/or no major appliances were broken. My backyard and teeny house can’t handle all those people, yo!

But it was an awesome mix of friends. Friends from life, friends from work, friends from the internet. All making a big loud mishmash at my house and totally trampling my grass.

My favorite highlights:

– When the Fling It Girl family walked in and I had no food prepared yet.
– When a friend changed her daughter’s diaper on Declan’s bed, and as the little girl was standing up afterward, Declan told her in no uncertain terms, “I don’t ALLOW people to stand on my bed.” (i.e. I don’t care if they are 1 or 100, now STEP OFF!)
– When I found out that Declan’s Kindergarten teacher had dated Wil Wheaton. ONCE. Post-Stand By Me and Pre-Wesley Crusher. (I am so tired I completely fucked that up on my first try).
– Serving the biggest log of cheese I have ever seen in my life. That’s a shout out to you, Whole Foods! Power to the organic people!
– Watching all the kids follow Gerhard’s older son around like zombies chanting “Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! I am the alien!” for over 20 flippin’ minutes. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. The kid cut a swath all though the house, yard and was about to venture out into the neighborhood when the younglings finally ran out of zombie juice.
– Speaking of Gerhard, do you know he has an alter ego? Just sayin’.
– I left the lasagna in the oven and found a charcoal briquette the next day. Oh, and we found the phone handset outside at 4pm on Sunday too.
– When I overheard friends talking about Crowded House and I got to whip out all my Neil Finn factoids and be sooper dooper awesome fan girl!
– Bryan discovered his ridge-skull-soulmate. Ridgey skulls are hot!
– The kids set up an impromptu American Idol competition in my backyard with Declan’s Mr. Microphones and every single flashlight I have in the entire house. The best part? When all the little kids got up in my kitchen window to provide backup for the big kids.
– That THIS was the one and only photo I took the entire night. I know. I can’t believe it either.
– When my friend Lisa ran up to me and OMG!, like she totally had a blog idea for me! She wanted to know whether armpits produce more smelly sweat when you had sleeves or were sleeveless. I said, “I don’t need to post about that, I know the answer already, it’s sleeveless.” (At which point, she curled her shoulders over her tank top.) As she left later in the evening, I was sure to shout out, “BYE, STINKY!”
– When Declan got to break an all-time record and stay up till midnight. OK, this turned into a low-light on Sunday, but what-evs.
– Listening to Jeremy give us a taste of his stand up comedy routine at 2am and us being too drunk to laugh. But there was something about Nelson Mandela exiting a vagina. That much I know.

And sangria.

Lots and lots and lots of sangria.

P.S. About that iPhone. A huge pro and con list is coming tomorrow.


UPDATE: By request, here are the 3 sangria recipes we served. Surprisingly, the spicy was the least liked! Next time, we are thinking we need to do spicy old school, with real peppers and time to sit.

* 1 Bottle of red wine
* 2 Lemon cut into wedges
* 2 Lime cut into wedges
* 2 TBS cane sugar
* 3 Splashes of orange juice
* 2 Shots of gin
* 1 Small can of diced or crushed pineapples (with juice)
* 4 Cups ginger ale

* 1 Bottle of red wine
* 1 Lime cut into wedges
* 1 Lemon cut into wedges
* 1 Orange cut into wedges
* 2 TBS cane sugar
* 1.5 tsp Hot sauce
* 1 Shot of Dark Rum
* 1 Cup club soda

* 3 Cups ginger ale

* 1 bottle dry white wine
* 2 TBS cane sugar
* 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon or 1 stick cinnamon
* 2 shots gin
* 1 Lemon cut into wedges
* 1/2 cup cut peaches

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  1. Tree

    And you did not post a sangria recipe?

    Sounds oh too fun!

  2. Mr Lady

    I have known that woman for SIX YEARS and I never heard the Will Wheaton story. Grrrrrrr. 🙂

  3. Backpacking Dad

    Wil Wheaton had the honor of meeting my daughter a couple of months ago.

  4. Sizzle

    How can this be true:

    Post-Stand By Me and Pre-Gordie Lachance.

    Isn’t that the same thing? He’s Gordie in Stand By Me.

    I confused.

    But that’s super cool she dated him.

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Tree, you got it!

    And Sizzle, you are so right!!! I was getting the names confused cause of the other Jordy guy on Star Trek!

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And Sizzle, as she told everyone that I dragged her around to tell the story to, IT WAS ONE DATE.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Kelly

    Well now, that sounds like a hell of a time! And any party where the sangria is flowing like Niagara Falls is a party that I’d want to attend.

  9. monstergirlee

    So glad you posted a Sangria recipe, or three. I’m going to a BBC 2 yr old b-day party this weekend (7 moms, 2 yr olds, and their family’s getting together- yay!)
    Anyway, sounds like a blast! TFS.

  10. monstergirlee

    Funny about wil wheaton, very funny. Wesley Crusher makes. my. skin. crawl.
    but stand by me was good. And he was in something with Keith Coogan about some kids at a private school and it’s taken hostage by terrorists.

  11. amy

    Sounds like a very good time… Can’t wait for the iPhone review–I’m chomping at the bit to go get one!

  12. Bryan

    That all sounds familiar, but I’m just not sure.

  13. mothergoosemouse

    I’m just so pissed that I missed it. We’ll re-enact it once you get un-fogged.

  14. Adventures In Babywearing

    I can still only think good things about my iPhone. I say it was worth your line. Mine isn’t the new one which means I paid a lot but still think it is SO worth it! : )


  15. Anonymous

    Thanks for the recipes!!!

  16. JaggedPen

    She told me it was pre-Wil Wheaton. I assume she meant pre-Wesley Crusher.

  17. Ali

    @monstergirlee…it was toy soldiers. *swoon*

  18. monstergirlee

    ah! Thats it! Thanks Ali.

    btw – I started reading some of Wil’s blog – its really funny. However maybe not in the way he intented it.

  19. zipper

    I am still puzzled over the Nelson Mandela thing, but whatever floats your boat.

  20. Joslyn

    i’m all about the sangria…nice round-up of recipes!

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