Fucking awesome movie. Should be required viewing for every high school student in America.

Not because it’s a primer on exact Middle East + oil relations… but because it shows how complicated, convoluted and estranged the whole situation is. And shows that the post-9/11-us-vs.-them, it’s-cut-and-dry banter is just downright silly. It’s a gigantic mess over there in the Middle East and we are knee deep in it here in America – just as much as anyone.

Part of the reason I have stopped talking about politics so much is captured by this movie. I don’t know shit. And anyone who knows shit only knows half of the shit. The only thing I know with complete confidence is that the state of the world is a tangled web of perceptions, misconceptions and deceptions.

Thank god Jeff and Danielle saw this movie first and warned us how complicated it is. We paused the DVD at least 15 times to orient ourselves to the storyline.

Maybe something everyone should do, every single day.

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