Talking Soup & Community with Joel McHale. In the Basement.

I have mentioned many times how infrequently we watch TV. Not that we don’t consume media, of course. We are definitely part of that segment who now divides up when and how we watch “television” into little (or big, depending on how lazy the day is) chunks. But when we used to turn on the TV and flip channels for 20 minutes and have nothing to watch, it was clearly time to cancel cable in favor of chunking in other ways.

I will say, there were always certain shows which made the remote stop. The Soup being one of them. Specifically since Joel McHale started hosting and beating reality stars to a pulp with his sharp wit.

So, when I was asked to join several other bloggers on a conference call with Joel himself, I nearly chunked right into the bathroom toilet.

Come to find out Joel is really affable and, like most other parents of young children, is prepared to discuss their body functions with complete strangers at the drop of a hat.

He also is a crazy busy man. Not only hosting The Soup, he does live tours, AND he has been starring on NBC’s Community since 2009. But guess what! That is a broadcast channel! So I can actually view the show! On my teeny little TV with rabbit ears in the basement!

OK, fine. The show is on Hulu too, so I can watch in my new-fangled ways as well.

If you haven’t seen it, the show is about a group of people attending community college (in C-O-L-O-R-A-D-O I might add), and Joel plays a lawyer who had to stop being a lawyer when it was discovered he didn’t have an actual law degree. Chevy Chase is also one of the main dudes.

The point is, *I* have watched it! *I* have a seen a hit television show!

Come to find out, Community is a bit of cult hit among college kids. At least among the 5 college kids I know.

They get together, do all those crazy collegy things college kids do, and watch the show on their mega plasma 76″ super deluxe HD orgasmatron TVs.

While I watch on my teeny little TV.

With rabbit ears.

In the basement.*

*Yeah, um, I didn’t tell Joel about that part.

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  1. Megan

    I totally love that show. How fun!

  2. zenrain

    I’m another non-TV watcher, I’ve never even heard of it! I’ll definitely look for it now, because I have seen him on the Soup and think he is hilarious 🙂

  3. chloebear

    ok i’mgoing to go check it out! i LOVE The Soup

  4. Nate

    I agree; I think Community is possibly the most (at least ONE of the most) well-written shows on television right now. Hilarious!

  5. zipper

    How cool is that? I have not seen the show, but will check it out. Thanks!

  6. melissa

    Community is must see tv for me. It’s well written and the cast is hilarious. Nice to hear joel is a cool guy.

  7. monstergirlee

    So cool! I love The Soup. I have watched Community a few times but have a hard time remembering it on Thursday.

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