The Church Concert - Denver Gothic Theatre 2023

The Church at Gothic Theatre Denver

The iconic Australian rock band, The Church, joined us in Denver recently for an unforgettable night of music. As the lights dimmed and the crowd roared with anticipation, the band took the stage, exuding an aura of seasoned musicianship and artistic prowess. Unfortunately, as you will note in the (heavily edited) photos below, the lights stayed dimmed pretty much all night, a trend which continues to disappoint – I mean, why would fans pay (a lot of) money not to be able to see the band?

However, sonically, The Church was pitch-perfect. Lead singer Steve Kilbey’s introspective and poetic lyrics, delivered with emotion and charisma, resonated deeply with the audience. As the night progressed, the energy in the venue reached a fever pitch, with the audience swaying, dancing, and singing along to every word. And what a diverse audience it was. Of course, the goths were represented, but I saw every walk of life at Denver’s Gothic Theatre – which, I guess, is not too surprising when a band has released nearly 20 albums over their career, including 2023’s The Hypnogogue.

The band mixed old and new songs – Yes, they played “Under The Milky Way” and my personal fave, “Reptile.” There was a lot of humor too. Kilby joked, “If you didn’t know, we’re The Church. Well, some of us are more The Church than others.” That’s alluding to the fact that he is the only remaining original band member. 😉

The Church will spend the summer back home in Australia, but hopefully they will return to see us soon.

The Church – Denver Concert Photos

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