The Day We Met U2

On the Mix CD Contest post this week, the information surfaced that we have, indeed, MET the band U2. When I say “we,” I mean myself and my college roommate, Marabeth.

Marabeth has always been a U2 fraa-eeek. As in, her parents still have boxes of her U2 memorabilia stored in their attic. They touch her soul, man.

So, when U2 was warming up in Florida for their Zoo TV tour, we jumped on the chance. We were college grads goofing around in North Florida with nothing to do, why the hell not drive 8 hours down to Miami to see U2? Especially since Marabeth had family there who welcomed us with open arms (and a free place to stay)!

So, we went. The concert venue was small, since they were warming up. And really the only disappointment was the fact was, due to the warming up thing – they played the whole new album that no one had even heard yet and only 2 or 3 of their major hits. BUT WHO CARES? IT’S U2, man!

So, we went to stand out front and meet Marabeth’s cousin like we agreed. And we waited. And waited. And those of you from Miami, back me up here – but- um, the Miami Arena looks exactly the same from the front as the back. Come to find out, we were actually standing at the back of the arena, with the whinos and the hard-core U2 fans trying to meet the band!

Which we pu-shawed! Why the HELL would THE BAND come outside to talk to anyone? That’s just stupid. They are like the biggest rock back in the world! There are only about 20 people standing around back here! There is NO FUCKING WAY THAT U2 IS COMING OUT THOSE DOORS… {swift head movement}

Until. they. did!

Bono, Larry and The Edge walked nonchalantly out from behind the gate, carefree as you please, and started talking to everyone and signing autographs. I SHIT YOU NOT. Who knows where Adam was, but seriously… meeting 3/4 of U2 still counts, and anyone who disagrees with me can meet me out behind the schoolyard for a rubble!

So, we made our way over, just as a homeless man saw the commotion and brought his wine bottle wrapped in brownbag over for Edge’s signature – which he thought was AWESOME. We got to meet and speak to them all… which when I describe to people in person, I always bend over to about my knees to shake an imaginary hand. (Psssst, if you don’t “get” that vague reference… the boys are SHORT).

Here’s the part that kills me. Bono looks right at us and asked us what we thought of the new material. Oh, yes, he did! I can’t for the life of me remember what I said, if anything – but I am sure it came out all garbley because my lips where puckering open and closed like a fish the whole time.

But the best thing of all of it? Marabeth. She MET her musical soulmate.

It don’t get any better than that, folks.

Now, if she will only let me post the video of Bryan’s “Interpretive Reading” of her journal entry from that night. Maybe you can peer pressure her into it.

(Edge’s signature is on the back, we missed getting Bono’s. Sob.)


P.S. 30 Days of Thanks
I am thankful for Marabeth. She has been one of my best friends for nearly 20 years now and is one smart, thoughtful, caring and AWESOME chick.

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  1. Rachelle G.

    Awesome story! U2 was definitely one of my favorite concerts ever (sitting in the 3rd row, woohoo!)

  2. zenrain

    well, let me catch my breath after remembering it all again, and i will post a longer comment later… 😉

    and i don’t think i can succumb to any pressure of having the video of the journal entry displayed on the INTERNET!@!!!!!!!


  3. Angella

    Great story! I love U2.

    I didn’t meet them, but I was in the front row for one of their concerts. I touched Bono’s hand 🙂

  4. Mamma

    I don’t worship them like Marabeth, but I am a big fan. I’ve heard they’re short. Did make Bono any less sexy. Cause…damn!

  5. Keely

    Very cool. My musical soulmate is David Gray. Man, I would LOVE to meet him!

  6. Alida

    U2 was the first band I ever saw in concert. 1986…I think. Sports Arena in Los Angeles. We start walking up..up..up. Yep nosebleed section, but it was actually really good seating because it was close to the stage.

    I love that they were my first, you know you never forget your first!

  7. Lisa

    Very cool! I’ve met a few rockers in my day, but my favorite story is meeting David Coverdale of White Snake.

  8. Noble Savage

    Cool story. I never meet famous people. My college roommate freshman year was OBSESSED with U2 but she was really annoying and so it made me kinda hate U2 for awhile. But they slowly crept back up my list.

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I *KNEW* she wouldn’t go me for me posting the video. But I promise… IT’S HILARIOUS!!!

  10. Sarah

    I love the part about you bending over to shake their hands.

  11. joansy

    Very cool. I am so, so, so jealous.

  12. Nap Warden

    OMG!!! Coolest thing ever! I have only seen them, like a billion times…You MET them!!! I bow at your feet!

  13. Nancy

    Cool story, where were you cameras??? =)

  14. Deeleea

    Oh maaaan, I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth with jealousy.

  15. Alpha DogMa

    Good story.

    I’m not a U2-ite, but had a girlfriend who was HUGE into them. She actually dropped out of university to follow them on their Achtung Baby tour.

    She met the band backstage a few times (she belonged to their fan club) during the tour at meet and greets. Because of the fan club she also got front row tickets for several shows.

    At her tenth show she was in the front row when they started playing “Mysterious Ways” and Bono (as was his custom) reached down to pull a girl on stage. He grabbed my friend’s hand, looked her in the eye and said, “What? You again?,” let go of her and grabbed the girl next to her to be his dance partner.

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Kelly – I love David Gray too.

    Lisa – David Coverdale! I bow down to you, dude.

    Savage – Sometimes it’s hard to love U2 cause they are so commercially successful, but DAMN they are just so good.

    Nancy… it was 1992… I didn’t think to bing cameras to concerts back then!

    And AD, that is an AWESOME story, LOL!

    Sassy… um, and balding too.


  17. Smiler

    I say 3/4 of U2 definitely does count.

  18. sassy

    Bono is SHORT? No ! I t can’t be possible.

    Still, I’m jealous as a spurned schoolgirl.

  19. Anonymous

    What I can’t believe is the $25 ticket price!!!

  20. Flower Child

    I could have seen U2 in concert but my husband, who had access to free box seats, didn’t know I’d want to go. Trust me, payback is going to last 20 years at least. I did manage to share an elevator ride with Bono – shorter than you’d expect (aren’t all rock stars?) but that voice is so unmistakable and irresistible.

  21. Jonathan

    Haha great! But I never really go so into U2…

    I mean I remember from highschool when Joshua Tree came out and it seemed everyone was so into them – I never got it. Sure they have some good tunes…

    I did however see the Cure way back when and thought they were the coolest..hahaha

    keep up the dailies!

  22. phobiamom

    I don’t know too much about U2, but I love the charity work that Bono does! I think there is a song I like of theirs from the 90’s, but I don’t remember the name.

    The U2 ipod that was out last year sure was cool looking!

  23. merrymishaps

    That’s awesome!
    We get to meet acts often at the Rams Head, of course nothing of U2 caliber comes around to a 250-seat stage!

  24. soccer mom in denial

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Guess I should write about the time I had dinner with the Beastie Boys backstage before a concert. And I got to stand backstage to watch the show.

  25. zenrain

    and i will add now, even though we didn’t get bono’s autograph, i DID TOUCH HIS JACKET! his leather jacket! so that was okay with me 😉

    and from what i remember, adam rode away in a limo with grace jones! we saw her leave the arena and speculated that’s who she was with 🙂

    greatest night of my life, hands down! (sorry, jim, and sorry kids, but it was definitely better than being in labor!)

    really, it was great, and no better person to spend it with than aimee!! love you!!

  26. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    OMG, I had totally forgotten about GRACE JONES!!!!!!!!


  27. kara

    so cool!!

  28. Janet

    The same thing happened to me with James Taylor in Japan LOL! My friend and I and 20 million Japanese folks waiting outside and sure enough, James came out. He spoke, shook hands and signed autographs. Very nice dude 🙂

  29. Andie

    that totally rocks.

  30. crabapple

    I’ve seen U2 several times …from 1987 or so through to the Achtung Baby tour. They always put on a great show. But I miss Bono’s mullet from the 80s…now that was classic.

  31. painted maypole

    ok. just a little jealous over here.

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