The Lego Brick Art of Nathan Sawaya

I love how we “meet” people in the new digital world.

Remember how I worked on a Pinterest campaign with PBS to share things I am curious about?

Through that, I discovered Lego artist Nathan Sawaya and fell in love with his work.

I mean… seriously. Browse through his galleries and you will know what I mean.

Recently he contacted me and asked if I would like a copy of his latest book, The Art of Nathan Sawaya. Of course I said, yes, and this lovely book arrived soon after.

My Lego-addicted 10 year old about had a conniption and will be sending Nathan a list of questions, so *HE* can start making Lego art himself.

Sorry, Nathan. I guess there *is* a downside to making friends over the internet.

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  1. Everyfann

    wow. that is cool!

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