The Night I Killed 3 Electronic Devices

Yes, Monday evening, I dragged my husband to see Billy Joel and Elton John in concert. They were supposed to play last Fall, and I was supposed to go with my gay friend Christian – the only gay man in America who does not like Elton John, I might add – but, here’s a secret for you. Gay friends are the ones who will go with you *wherever* you need them to.

Alas, that evening the old dudes were “fatigued” and postponed. Till now. The very week my gay friend Christian was moving across the country, a fact that chagrined my punk-music-loving husband to no end.

This is how Bugfrog ended up at Billy Joel and Elton John.

He put on a good face. He really did. He barely made fun of them. The crowd, on the other hand? All had targets on their backs.

However, possibly my favorite tweet of all time came during Scenes From An Italian Restaurant.

See? He’s great to bring with you to concerts.

And a lot of people thought it was weird that I wanted to go see these old guys play so badly. I think it was part nostalgia. I turn 40 this year, putting my formative years right in their collective hey days. Part of it is I really like watching people play piano. I really do.

Here is video my friend Janet shot from the other side of the Pepsi Center the same evening:

Which, OK, doesn’t show off their piano playing as much as some of their other songs. But the truth is, I have nothing else to show you! I must have had an electronic pulse demagnetizer on me that night. First I blew out my iPhone. Then I blew out Bryan’s iPhone. Then after I managed to get a few clips on Bryan’s Flip, I blew that out too.

Here is my best effort before my voltron currents took over:


Ah well.

At least the night wasn’t.

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  1. Jennifer

    I am with you – don’t care what anyone says, I love Billy and Elton!

  2. Amy

    I routinely blow out street lights as I drive around town after dark. I’ve often thought Dumbledore should have just taken me around with him on his covert nighttime muggle operations.

  3. monstergirlee

    You killed two iPhones in one night? I think Steve Jobs is going to come after you.
    Glad you had fun, I think maybe bugfrog had a little more fun that he let on 😉


    Sangria Party Tweet= Awesome.

  5. MidLifeMama

    You are so right about gay friends going anywhere. I talked one of mine into going to a Tom Jones concert with me a few years ago. He was sure none of “his” people would be there, but lo and behold he ran into people he actually knew. And I have a similar power with electronic devices. It might be that perimenopause does something to our magnetic field. At least that is the excuse I am going with.

  6. Vianna ee Nascimento

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  7. mayberry

    I made my husband go see Movin’ Up (Broadway show set to Billy Joel tunes). He was utterly confused and dismayed by the premise … but ended up loving it!

    (I also thought, for the longest time, that the lyric was “Brenda Renetti was still goin’ steady…” With whom, I have no idea.)

  8. Heather

    I would have LOVED to see that concert.

    Also did you kill kill the electronics or were they temporarily harmed in the making of those videos?

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Heather- just REALLY REALLY REALLY blew the batteries out. PHEW.

  10. Mary@Holy Mackerel

    What I wouldn’t do to be there! They are awesome.

    Too bad the voltron waves were excessive that night…

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