The Park With Trudy

We met up with another of Declan’s little girlfriends from school, Trudy, over the weekend for fun at the park. It was nice to get to know Trudy’s parents, who we rarely see at school and rarely have time to sit and chat with.

Trudy’s mom is an Art Director like us, so we were able to get all the jokes. Like, “Did your Mac come with a design degree?” or “Press Command + D and ‘poof’ a Dragon comes up.” (Don’t worry, you won’t get the joke either, unless you have worked with copious amounts of people who have no idea what it takes to create a good design but still say insipid things like, “Well, maybe we could just stick a dragon cartoon in this corner.”)

The kids had a blast, though. No surprise, though – since have been getting notes home from his teachers for months that Declan loves playing with Trudy.

And yes, ALL of Declan’s friends are girls. Every single one.

His mamma didn’t raise no fool.

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