The Quilt for Lauren

Last week, when I talked about feeling myself up, I was thinking about another lady in my life. A friend who wasn’t as lucky as me to have a hormonal lump. A lady who really *does* have breast cancer. A lady who is very nearly the same age as me and whose son is very close to Declan’s age. A lady who has had procedures, radiation, chemo, hairloss, the whole shebang. A lady who, through it all, has maintained her strength, her sense of self, her dignity, her hope. Sure, she has bad days. BUT DID I MENTION SHE IS FIGHTING BREAST CANCER?

I met Lauren through a mom’s board, and we have been friends for several years now. The same board where I met Gretchen. The group has changed over the years, but one thing remains true. WE SUPPORT EACH OTHER, YO.

Gretchen decided to use her amazing crafting talents to give Lauren something tangible to hold on to when things get rough. Something to remind her we are all thinking of her, that we all believe in her.

What better than a huge pink quilt with words of encouragement from 40 women?

Cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

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  1. Megan

    That made me cry and I don’t even know them!

  2. TxGambit

    I am soooo glad you posted about her. I love you, Gretchen, Lauren and all the ladies. I can’t imagine my life now without you all in it.

    And you are right Cancer doesn’t stand a chance!

  3. Gretchen

    Though glad I could do it for her, I hope I don’t have to make another pink-ribbon quilt…

  4. Mrs. Wheezer

    I’m already a hormonal mess. This is just adding fuel to the fire. Lauren is certainly a spectacular womann.

  5. Anonymous

    that’s wonderful.

  6. nandy

    I know Lauren through the board, where we both post…both going through bc chemo, surgeyr, etc., and surviving!

    I, too, have a “virtual” group of friends that have supported me in my fight. Thye have sent me a care box before every chemo dose which ahs uplifted me tremendously.

    Never discount the real feelings that are transmitted through your virtual friendship…know that the quilt means a lot to Lauren.

  7. Mamma

    There is nothing stronger than a group of women standing together ready for a fight.

    What a beautiful quilt.

    Lauren might consider wearing it as her girlfriend power cape.

    I totally would.

    Kick cancer’s ass Lauren!

  8. Sue at eLuckypacket

    How lovely!

  9. zipper

    Very cool, ladies.

  10. carrie

    No, it doesn’t.

    What a beautiful testament of your friendship and support for your friend.

  11. Loralee Choate

    Gretchen told me how you all met each other when I visited her in MN, and I thought it was beyond cool. The quilt rocks the house.

  12. SP

    To warm her body and her heart. It’s beautiful.

  13. Tree

    Gretchen’s talents are amazing.

    Lauren’s strength and grace are boundless.

    I love all of you!

  14. Ashmystir

    How cool is that!

  15. Anonymous


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