The Terrible Two in Terrific Tremendousness

Jeff is taking Jenny to see Bare Naked Ladies tonight so we have Lily this evening. I also have both her and Declan tomorrow because their school is closed. We decided to just have her spend the night, mainly so we could go to bed tonight and not have to wait up for the concert revelers.

Sooo… you guessed it… DECLAN’S FIRST SLEEPOVER!

I am actually pretty excited and think it will be a blast. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been stocking up for a ton of activites to keep them occupied. And we are taking them to the “open bounce night” tonight to let them run themselved ragged so hopefully they will sleep like the dead.

I am gonna go ahead and leave work early because we are actually ready for our big deadline tomorrow, and I need some alone time before the onslaught. Time to put on my GAME FACE, people. The Terrible Two in full affect, y’all!

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