The Unwitting Clothes Horse

I’ll admit I have a problem. OK, many problems – but the one I am referring to at this moment is how I can’t seem to stop buying new clothes for my son. He could give a fig about what he wears, but I get bored with his clothes. And I work across the street from an outlet mall that runs continuous and overlapping sales, so at least I am not breaking the bank, right? So what if I snuck over to said mall this weekend while my husband was away and got several new outfits for him? At least Bryan didn’t actually have to shop with us… and Declan got to jump around in the play area for a good, long time. (Rationalization is best served with a bunch oversized bugs to play on).

Here he is in one of his new shirts today. Doesn’t he look cute? Wasn’t it worth it?

Our friend Bob would call him a “moodel,” (that is, model with an affected and snobby Frenchy accent). Damn straight, the cutest 3.75 year old moodel I have ever seen!

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