They’re back.

The last few weeks have been a nightmare (pun intended) with my night terrors. Last night was a really bad one and I actually remember some it. What I don’t remember, Bryan filled in for me. I was absolutely petrified and couldn’t move. Literally could not move. I whispered to Bryan to turn on the light because I was sure there was someone crouching next to my bed. (Of course no one was there). Apparently I told Bryan that the apparition said to me, “I can’t believe I got past your security.” Pretty crazy, huh?

So, this afternoon, I finally broke down and called a sleep clinic. Of course, the coordinator lady is out for the next 2 weeks and they cannot schedule a tour till she gets back. Lucky for me though, we hit our deductible for health insurance last week – so any sleep studies they do will be free. At least there’s that.

She also mentioned the type of tests they do, which lead me to do more digging on the internet about night terrors. I realized that many sites call them “sleep terrors” and I found a bunch more info than the last time I went digging. Couple things on interest: sleep deprevation makes night terrors go in a downward spiral. And seeing as we have been sick and sinus infection-ey for the past two weeks, I definitely have not been sleeping well. So, I am going to try to get back to an earlier bedtime.

The other thing several of the sites mentioned was that the only real medicine for night terrors were anti-anxiety meds. I am hesitating to try these, since so many friends have had issues with finding the right one and keeping it working. But the other thing the sites mentioned was that St. John’s Wort has been effective in helping night terrors. I picked some up over lunch, and since it takes several weeks for St. Johns Wort to starts working, I figure by the time the sleep clinic is ready for me I will be able to rule the herb in or out.

Needless to say, Bryan ended up sleeping downstairs last night because I was fitful all night. My poor husband.

And coincidentally I have a therapy appointment this afternoon. Should be interesting.

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