To avoid the post I should be making…

We had a royal row here at Casa Greeblemonkey last night. In a nutshell, Declan pretty much went literally, certifiably insane. I’m really in no mood to write about it the day before Thanksgiving, so I will share this seriously awesome video that my friend Caroline sent me instead.

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  1. Anonymous

    OMG. That made me pee my pants.

  2. Nancy

    LMAO … I have to pass this on. Thanks for the laugh and have a wonderful Thanksgiving =)

  3. Phat Phannie

    I saw this one on cuteoverload and it just has me in stitches every time I see it. Those cats faces are perfect for the dubbing!

    PS. There are many days where I think my son needs to be locked up in a padded room.

  4. Sizzle

    so THAT’S why my cats start in on the cleaning of one another when i come in the room! aha!

  5. Kelly O

    This totally cracked me up, too!

    Kids, man, what are you going to do. They’re all id.

  6. momof3gr8kids

    Too funny! I love funny kitties.

    On the kid front, I’d love to tell you it gets better as they get older, but I’m really trying to quit lying so much. They do, however, get more creative with the style of tantrums. Hang in there!

  7. Smiler

    That’s awesome! How can anyone not love cats after seeing this?

  8. Alpha DogMa

    ITS CHRISTMAS TIME!! The season of love and peace on earth and my children becoming crazy lunatics! They can just tell that IT IS COMING. But slowly. Oh so very very slowwwwwwwwwlllllllllllyyyyyyyyy. Happy thoughts being sent your way for your turkey festival.

  9. Ci

    that video has to be the most awesome thing I’ve seen in ages!! 😀 😀

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