Two big conversations in one week.

Before we left to go to meet Cheryl and Vaughn for Open Bounce Day at Monkey Bizness today (because nothing says celebration of Martin Luther King Day like jumping up and down like maniacs for 4 hours straight), Declan watched me post the video below. He asked what it was and what it meant. Again, I was struck with trying to explain The Big Problems to a 4 year old.

I told him that a long time ago, before even Mama and Daddy were born, many people thought that dark-skinned people shouldn’t be allowed to do the same things as light-skinned people. That they had to use different bathrooms, different water fountains and even had to ride at the back of the bus while light-skinned people could ride at the front. To which he promptly said, “Well, that is silly – who rides in the middle???” I said, “Exactly.”

And then I told him about how Martin Luther King brought all those people together and talked to them and explained to them how the separation made no sense. And how people really started to listen to him. And I also told Declan how important it was that Dr. King used his words and never once raised his fist to hit anyone, even though the times were really crazy. Declan said, “Wow.” I said, “Exactly.”

Of course, within seconds of me finishing my explanation, he asked when, oh WHEN, were we leaving for Monkey Bizness??? But I still think little talks like this are just amazing. They are totally the building blocks of his character. And I am sure he is listening.

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  1. Pata

    You can’t help but love this little guy!! He’s my heart

  2. aimee

    I know, he kills me how he “gets” stuff.

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