Vacation Guest Poster: RookieMom Heather

Heather and I know each other from writing at Savvy Source. But way before that, Heather and her pal Whitney started this site called Rookie Moms, back when they were, well, Rookie Moms. You remember that phase? When you knew, well, NOTHING? Now Heather and Whitney know a WHOLE LOT, and are nice enough to share all that knowledge with all of US.


Crazy, Silly Things To Do With All Those Pictures You Take
By Heather of

I am a novice photographer. Perhaps if Aimee and I lived closer, she could become my BFF and we’d do Photo Playdates until I improved my skills, but as it is, I am an avid and obsessive snap-shotter.

I take pictures of everything; I always have a camera in my purse. The volume of photographs really increased, when I challenged myself to the Project 365 – whereby the wannabe photographer takes a picture each day for a year. Well, I did it! Rather than printing out a groovy collage or making a swell Flickr pool, I have all my images trapped in my iPhoto just waiting for parole.

Here are five ridiculous and excellent photo projects for those of us who take all the pictures in the world but don’t do anything with them:

1. Custom-make your own Kleenex box. For the grandma who gets all sniffly just thinking about her grandkids, this gift could keep on giving. Put your favorite pic on a special oval tissue box. For reals.
2. Make a Memory game. Find blocks and a tray at a craft store and then follow the easy tutorial to create a photo game from scratch [from Rookie Moms].
3. Hang Retro, re-stickable, decal photo frames. Try these groovy decals [from photojojo] for framing your fantastic greeblepix without the scary commitment of nails in walls.
4. Make magnets. Use your cutie patootie family pictures to make magnets rather than using lame magnets to hang the pictures. Tutorial here.
5. Assemble a family photo wall. Real grown-ups have family pictures on the wall – no, not just the awkward kind, but those are fun too.

I’m hoping that I can start one of these before my iPhoto picture-count jumps by another thousand pictures.

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  1. Tree

    Great ideas! I just returned from vacation with over 500 pics, which I am sure is nothing compared to the thousands Aimee will be bringing back!!!

    I particularly like the memory game.

  2. The Casual Perfectionist

    Great ideas!

  3. MPPs Mom

    I am a photographer like you….taking lots but not doing much with them. So I loved your ideas for what to do with the photos….esp the tissue box! Would love to hear more of these that others have done too.

    Thanks for posting for Aimee while she’s gone 🙂

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