Waiting For Our Voices to Come Back

Bryan and I finally got the throat cold that Declan has had for 2 weeks now. Thanks to prednisone, Declan managed to stay out of the ER this time and is crossing the finish line to healthy kid as we speak.

Bryan and I however, are still mired in it… and are roughly at the same spot in the cold spectrum thus we both totally lost our voices by about Wednesday. We were damn sexy if you ask me, minus all the hacking and phlegm, of course.

Then last night, we both hit a place that felt like what we imagine asthma feels like, where every time we tried to talk, the words turned into a coughing fit that was, dare I say, beautiful in its ability to render us breathless.

We had been laying in bed, talking about our day and after the 10th gazillion coughing fit, I said “I am done talking now. This is annoying me.”

Bryan said OK and crawled under his pillow for sleepytime.

5 minutes later, he poked his head out and said, “Wait. Is the coughing annoying you, or is talking to me annoying you?”

I have to give him snaps for clarifying what I meant without getting mad, but he loses those points just as quickly for thinking I was telling my wonderful husband of nearly 10 years that I was actually ending the conversation by telling him the the conversation has ended because he annoyed me. Duh. If I meant that, it would have been much less subtle.

In fact, I would probably have employed Jenny’s tactic of just yelling “SHUT UP.” Of course, that little habit was changed forever today when Lily informed her mother that “shut up” was NOT a nice thing to say to Bryan.

Just for your reference, and if you need it when someone is as annoying as my husband can be, the new Lilyfied way is to say that is: “I’d like you to talk so quietly that I can’t hear you.”

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