Walk & Talk Like A Heathen

Julie went into more details about our Friday night adventures on her blog. I thought I would keep the joy alive by talking about it more, here, too.

Let’s recap my religious beliefs (or if you prefer further reading, I talked about it a bit around Christmas time). In a nutshell, I call myself an agnostic, but I am not strictly an agnostic in that I do believe in a higher power – I just don’t know how, when, what… and most importantly, why. But any religion with too many rules is pretty much bullshit in my opinion.

So back to Friday. We had a great conversation about the bible and how there is no way that the bible is the God’s honest truth. There was something like a 1,000 year gap from when it was passed by word of mouth till it was actually written down, so how accurate can it be? And that’s when Julie was telling us about Penn & Teller’s episode where people can’t even agree on an Elvis recipe. That was a mere 40 years ago, folks! Our point was, sure – believe in the messages of the bible all you want… But to follow it word for word is just asinine.

Around that time was when the table next to us started overtly staring at us. The one lady I was facing literally held my eyes for like 5 seconds till I looked away (5 seconds can be a hellofa long time in a staring contest!) and she had this smirk on her face, so we weren’t sure if they thought we were funny, agreed with us, or thought we were all damned to hell, especially for having such a conversation on Good Friday.

Part of the problem was that the tables were really much too close. Part of the problem was that all four of us have big mouths.

Oh well. It was still fun.

And what do we know, anyway?

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