Wealth Inequality in America Video

This is one of those videos that help demonstrate the reasons why businessmen like the Koch Brothers fight so hard in politics. Why they are pushing Congress to shut down rather than fund Obamacare. Because many of the CEOs they mention are making a great deal of money off healthcare. Many CEOs and top executives are making a lot of money in lots of places.

I, too, believe in working hard and earning your money.

But I do *not* believe in stacking the system for the wealthy, as has been happening in recent decades.

Yes, there have been many smart people who have noted fallacies with this video when you get down to specifics. But I like how it shows the vast change in wealth over the years *and* the vast difference in what America *thinks* the spread of wealth in this country is.

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  1. WilderJanie

    that is SHOCKING.

  2. zipper

    The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, right?

  3. karen

    this video frightens me.

  4. Everyfann

    the 1% inequality and how they keep making it worse in disgusting.

  5. Nina

    Thanks for posting this. I am from Germany and so often it makes me shiver to watch how the things are evolving in the USA. I am very grateful to hear some different tones from you

  6. William

    Disgusting. And Nina, there are a lot of Americans that don’t act like the Tea Party. Most of us, in fact.

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