Whamageddon in Lockdown - How to Play The Game 2020 COVID Style

Whamageddon Christmas Game in COVID Lockdown 2020

For years, my pal DJ Alf and I have played Whamageddon with such determined fierceness that we texted each other at least daily – if not hourly – with updates. Um, what *is* Whamageddon, anyway? It’s that fun game where you try to avoid hearing Wham!’s ubiquitous holiday song “Last Christmas” from December 1st through Christmas Eve out in the wild – i.e. the grocery store or the mall. Alf and I also got into the spirit in past years by giving a dollar to a charity for every day we stayed in the game. Last year, I shelled out a whopping $24 because, shocker, I SURVIVED! Sadly for Alf, he went to refill his drink at Chipotle around day 12 … and WHAM!

Whamageddon in Lockdown - How to Play The Game 2020 COVID Style

How Do We Play Whamageddon During COVID?

2020. The year where most of us are hiding in our houses and wouldn’t step near a mall with a six-foot (or longer) pole. Alf has devised a plan (and a playlist) to help us out. He made a 36-song Spotify playlist … which includes “Last Christmas.” Every morning, we can hit shuffle play and if you hear George Michael’s silky voice, you are out. Alf’s a math guy, so he figured out 36 songs gives us just over a 50% chance of surviving.

Whamageddon Spotify Playlist

This year, both Alf and I have been lucky enough to be working, so we upped our charity amount – but that is, of course, optional. Even given the hard times of 2020, Whamageddon is and always will be just a fun way to enjoy Christmas music and the spirit of the season. I have several styles of holiday playlists if you just want tunes without stress of the game – but I promise “Last Christmas” is sprinkled throughout them, too!

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

P.S. Here is the amazing video for “Last Christmas” if you have never seen it. Consider yourself paused from the game as you watch.

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