What Declan Will Be Wearing on Christmas Morning

When Polarn O. Pyret emailed me, I have to admit I had never heard of them. Apparently the brand has been around since 1976 (um, I was in Kindergarten that year), but only in the USA for the past two years.

To celebrate their new brick and mortar stores in NYC, they asked me to “stripe” Declan and take some photos.

Honestly, he was a TOTAL pain in my booty about it.

Until he put the darn things on.

Then I couldn’t get him out of them.

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  1. JennyMoose

    Wow they are really cute! Great for photos! So, in NYC huh? Have to send grandma down to pick some up!

  2. JennyMoose

    PS What size fit Declan?

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Jen – they have an online store too! And I will look at his tag tomorrow.

  4. Megan

    how fun is that? He is so cute, even when making faces.

  5. Tree

    Those are awesome! And Dex is a ham for you in them. Love it!

  6. Tree

    Those are awesome! And Dex is a ham for you in them. Love it!

  7. Everyfann

    He makes me laugh. Great pics!

  8. MPPs Mom

    I’ve been seeing them lately and really wanting their things for the kids. Dex looks so cute in those stripes, perfect for winter!

  9. Monika

    These are absolutely adorable. He is the perfect model for them too! Do they come in adult sizes? I want some!

  10. Chloebear

    These ‘jamas are awesome! Will buy some as soon as he outgrows his current ones!

  11. imagine_1971

    those pictures are great. I love them. When I have children, I’m coming to you. Lol (it’ll be a while though haha)

  12. Magpie

    Huzzah! I did not know they’d opened in NY! (Why didn’t they contact me? I’m right there!)

  13. Anne

    Those are perfect Christmas jammies! Love them! Dex is a hoot!

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