What is it with home health care companies???

Remember when we went to urgent care for Declan’s asthma and the nebulizer arrived from the home healthcare company like 10 minutes after we got home? Well, I wish they would have taken more time delivering the thing and less time HOUNDING me for the past 3 weeks. I have had 3 different people call me at least several times a day for weeks. I have returned their damn calls many times and given Declan’s doctor’s info, our insurance info… basically everything short of a DNA sample. And every time, they promise that is the LAST time they will have to call. Yeah, whatever.

I just know it is going to be a fight after they finally submit the claim too – seeing as their billing department is proving to be so efficient thus far.

We had the same type of problems with a different home healthcare company when Declan needed synagis shots his first winter. They didn’t bill for months and then suddenly we got like 6 bills right on top of each other, and they were all different and fucked up – even though it was the exact same shot every month.

How freaking hard can this be, people?

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