Which Doctor Who Is Your Favorite?

There is a show that has always been on the edge of my consciousness ever since I danced to the Timelords song in college clubs but I never really watched, only slightly because I never really watch TV anyway. Of course I’m talking about Doctor Who, which honestly seems silly to talk about because everyone else has talked it to death. But the new twist for Doctor Who in my life is the fact that my nearly 11-year-old son is obsessed with it. Obsessed.

Partly because all of his friends like it, of course, and mostly because of his one best friend particular is more obsessed than he is.

But, sure, it’s a fun show. Wouldn’t like it? If one bothered to watch TV other than insomnia-fueled Netflix benders.

My favorite part is when my son argues that the 11th doctor is the best doctor there has ever been, even though Matt Smith is really the only doctor he’s ever watched because we just started watching a show about a month ago.

I know the fight rages about which Doctor is everyone’s favorite, and many people think the 10th Doctor is the best. If I actually watched any of the show I’m guessing I would probably like David Tennant as well, because, hello, he was in Harry Potter.

What say you? People who probably actually know what you are talking about?

Who was the best Doctor Who ever?

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  1. karen

    DAVID TENNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nat

    Oh David Tennant for sure!
    (Also brilliant in BBC’s version of Hamlet (with Patrick Stewart) and most recently in Broadchurch which broke my heart… Amazing actor.

    PS: this most recent assistant is my favourite, Catherine Tate and Billie Pyper in a tie for second.

  3. zipper

    I love Matt Smith. Bow ties FTW!

  4. Carrie

    You never forget your first Doctor. Being a child of the 70s the only Doctor has to be the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. The rest are good but my heart belongs to the 4th.

  5. Meghann

    Tennant. The 11th doesn’t even like bacon. I mean, come on, seriously.

  6. emily

    i started watching with 9, and zipped through 10. i have to say my favorite *is* actually 11. he had so much respect for Amy Pond, and he was always so generous with Rory. I think he was charmingly daffy but also showed an emotional maturity and understanding 9 & 10 did not.

  7. -Your Older Brother, Sam

    My first “real” doctor that I watched was the 9th, Christopher Eccleston. You never forget your first doctor. 🙂 That said, I really loved Tennant’s time as Doctor, and I haven’t watched much Matt Smith.

    But the very first Doctor I remember was the one with the frizzy hair & long scarf – otherwise known as the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. I remember seeing him on the PBS airings back in the day. I’m looking forward to catching up and watching some of his episodes. (I’m watching with my kids – I stopped watching when I got to Matt Smith so I could go back & start over with them 🙂

  8. Call me Dave

    I grew up with Tom Baker. For me he will always be the Doctor which others are compared to.

  9. Anonymous

    I honestly like the last Doctor until a few shows into the next Doctor, then I love that one best. Love Tennant, love Matt Smith. Love them all.

  10. Anonymous

    I watched a little bit of the classic with Tom Baker since he was really a very popular, iconic doctor and I was always fascinated by it. I only got to really love the series when the new series came. From the new series I started with Matt Smith and then watched 9 and 10 and Tennant definitely sealed the deal. So Tennant all the way I suppose. But Tom Baker stories were really good fun.

  11. Anonymous

    David Tennant forever…

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