Nerd Prom Denver 2017

Denver Nerd Prom 2017 – MC Lars, MegaRan & Andy Rok

I have to apologize to Nerd Prom Denver for the lateness of this post, seeing as the geekfest actually happened in April. But their founder Andy Rok is out at the Wonder Woman movie with my husband this very moment, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to catch up – and relive the fun.

This year’s headliners were MC Lars and Megaran, who seem to have been put on this earth to perform together. Nerd Prom 2017 also included Rocket Surgeons, DJ Boyhollow, hosts Alf & Rick as well as Andy’s own band The Real Deal.

As usual, attendees were in full cosplay mode (also making me sad I didn’t go to Wonder Woman tonight)… and all us nerds had a blast playing trivia and video games in between the music.

Photos from Denver’s Nerd Prom at Summit Music Hall

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  1. Kriddie

    Amazing photos, as always Aimee! Thank you so much for coming this year!
    ps – love the pic of the super tall Mr. D! ;o)

    • Aimee

      As always- great to see you…. although we need to make it more frequent than once a year at Nerd Prom! xo

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