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White Reaper at Summit Denver

The band White Reaper released their latest album, Asking For A Ride, early this year and promptly hit the road in support of it. Denver’s show at Summit Music Hall was a jump-dance-mosh fest from beginning to end. I learned of them from their major label album debut, You Deserve Love, and the decidedly more poppy song, “You Might Be Right,” that dominated our radio airwaves for quite a while.

But when you dig deeper into White Reaper, they are much more of a garage rock-sounding band overall, and – of course – their live show reflects that. Both with fan engagement and the band’s savage style of playing. Personally, I am not sure I was able to truly capture their drummer Nick Wilkerson, who was bouncing out of his seat half the time. Bonus, it was a ton of fun watching Ryan Hater dance around and engage the crowd while playing the keyboards. Lead singer Tony Esposito was no nonsense, belting out the songs in old-school of rock and roll fashion. The rest of the band: Hunter Thompson (guitar) and Sam Wilkerson (bass) completed the chaos. Good chaos, of course.

White Reaper have several festivals this summer, both here in the USA, as well as Mexico and Canada. Don’t miss their set if you get to go to any of those!

White Reaper – Denver Concert Photos

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