How in the world can 2 full-grown adults have so much fun at a concert meant for 3 and 4 year olds? Somehow, we did! (As opposed to my friend JoNell, who was utterly unimpressed). Maybe is was the excitement in the air. Maybe it was watching our son’s eyes get a big as saucers when he saw the real, live Wiggles on stage. Maybe it was the beer. (When we saw they were selling alcohol, our eyes got big as saucers, too.)

Declan was just in AWE the whole time – we had great seats (front row and ailse of the 1st risers) and Jeff, Captain Feathersword and Murray walked right by as as they worked the crowd. Declan even “high-fived” with Murray!

Of course, Declan just kind of sat there with his jaw open most of the time and only danced and sang a few times – but during dinner afterwards and during the whole ride home – he was a complete overexcited, singing, giggling jabber jaw – so we know he had a good time. Declan is totally a C on that DiSC scale. He needs a little process time – just like Mommy.

Here is video of Declan playing along with his favorite Wiggles schtick of all… “Wake Up Jeff!” Of course, the recording comes from my old Canon A95 so the quality ain’t that great. But you get the idea.


I thought I was getting video of Murray but apparently, I was only making experimental light art, as shown below. Oh well. I am just happy I got any photos at all.

I will admit that I teared up a few times by some of the looks on his face. Whatta fun night.

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