Working On Our Wii-ness

I have to say, we don’t use our Wii (and by extension Wii Fit) as much as I thought we would, even over the winter months. Maybe that is partly due to the fact that Denver actually hasn’t even *had* a winter yet [which inevitably means we will get a 3 foot blizzard in March] and more importantly – there just are not. enough. hours. in the day.

You may remember I am one of the Denver Wii Fit brand enthusiasts. So, trust me, I am enthused! Just busy! What that REALLY means is I hound my friends into getting the Wii Fit so we can all play together and call it quality time.

Recently I got this email from one of my victims friends, and my heart melted.

“Oh my goodness, I have never laughed so hard while burning calories! My nephew Victor and I are hooked, and we’ve already unlocked additional games. As you may already know little Victor has a weight problem, we’ve been working on the Wii Fit together for the past 5 days and he has already lost 2 lbs, he can’t stop playing. My weight loss is a bit more conservative, but compared to all the fun we are having, who cares! My daughter Brendi just started yesterday and after her balance test, of course it told her it was not her forte, but in addition it stated that she was probably falling and tripping all over the place. This was particularly hilarious because just the night before she had tripped and fallen on the stairs (not an unusual thing for her to do).”

I have mentioned before that my company builds health education sites. So even before I became a Wii Fit enthusiast, we were excited about the possibilities for the combination of traditional video games with exercise with these types of consoles. Meaning? I *love* hearing stories like the above!

I struggle with my weight, always. Always always always. I know there is no magic answer and certainly the Wi Fit is just one piece of the puzzle, but I do know I need to get on it more to see the results like my friends are having.

But I also have to admit, I enjoy the relationship I have with Nintendo. Having their ear a little bit. When I forwarded my friend’s note to them, they were thrilled to hear what she had to say, and I felt like I was helping them develop an even more awesomer product.

This is one of the reasons I decided to attend the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston this weekend. OK, sure, I love those Kirtsy girls to pieces and I do whatever they tell me, but I am also looking forward to the marketing expertise I will glean, for my IRL company and for my blog.


I have two questions for you.

1. Will I see you at Mom 2.0?

2. If you have a Wii Fit, how is it actually fitting into your life? Are you struggling like me?

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  1. Megan

    We struggle to find time too. It’s so hard to fit everything in!

  2. zenrain

    Well, as you probably know you won’t see me at the mom summit… 🙂 but also, more disappointing to me, I don’t use the Wii Fit at all like I thought I would, either. It’s definitely a time thing, and also, I don’t let the kids watch TV or play the Wii during the week, so that may have something to do with it. But those 5:30am’s I thought I’d have with it have not yet happened….

  3. Anonymous

    The trick is to get everyone involved, there are only 3 people in my household and we have 9 registered Mii users (note I do have a large extended family). The most rewarding part of “playing” is whipping my husband or my 21 year old nephew. Some families like to watch TV together, we like to Wii together!


  4. Anonymous

    Have fun in Houston!

  5. Giyen

    Sadly no Wii and no Mom 2.0. *Le sigh*
    I determined that we’ll cross paths though!

  6. Mayberry

    I am not going to Mom 2.0, but I have a post half-drafted (@ my fitness site) re the Fit and some of what I love about it. I do it by myself while family is gone, w/ kids after school, or after dinner/b4 bed w/ whole family.

    Will send you link when it’s done!

  7. Brandi

    My in-laws decided to get us a wii for Christmas rather than buying individual presents for each of us, so I got my husband Guitar Hero and he got me a wii fit. We finally got the wii two weeks ago, and I’ve only missed one day so far! It really helps that my 4 year-old loves it and wants to play all the time. We go down after we put the babies to bed and I work out for 1/2 hour, then she and I play some of the games. She currently holds the high score on the soccer ball game!

  8. Grey Street Girl

    Well, I am not a mom. So, no Mom 2.0 Summit for me.

    I’m so glad you blogged this though. I just got a Wii Fit about three weeks ago and thought I’d be addicted to it, but like you, there aren’t enough hours in the day. Plus for me, doing it all by myself is not as much fun as having someone to do it with. So, I’ve used it about 4 times since I got it.

    I’m hoping the addiction to it will kick in any day now or else I just wasted $500 and valuable real estate in my TV armoire. 🙂

  9. Naomi

    No on the Mom 2.0 Summit .. and unfortunately, no on the WiiFit as well.

    We got Wii for Christmas for the family and LOVE it, but have been unable to score a Fit …

  10. Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

    We do have it and love it but struggle to find the time – We want to start a new club that may help us.. WII Fit on Wine!!! We might be on to something with this one..LOL

  11. catnip

    1. I wish!

    2. I love my Wii Fit. I’ve been using almost every day, usually right after I get my kid off to school. (I work at home.) I make a point to at least do the body test no matter what.

  12. Christina

    I have Wii Fit as of Christmas and yes, I do struggle with time issues, BUT, this post is making me get off my sofa and use it. Here is my high point and the only reason that I can even consider using it right now:

    You have to unlock Free Step!! It allows you to watch tv while working out. I amp up the work out by using my hand weights will I step. I do the fastest rhythm for 30 mins. It never seems like much until those last 5 minutes when I notice I am not stepping with quite the same enthusiasm 🙂 I love that particular routine so much.

  13. Tree

    1. No. But have fun!
    2. Yes, struggling. By the time we get home at night, it is usually 6 p.m. and a mad dash ensues to unpack backpacks, review homework, do Kumon (reading & math), review that, make lunches for the next day, make dinner, clean kitchen, change my clothes, bathe the little one. By the time that happens, there is roughly 30 min of good quality time left before the little one goes to sleep. I wake at 5 a.m. and work out in the morning, but with the Wii Fit.

    The weekends have more time, but as the weather is starting to improve, I would prefer to be outside playing soccer, shooting baskets or going around the block with the kids.

  14. growingapair

    I am not going to make Mom 2.0– no money and nine months pregnant.

    We got the Wii Fit at the beginning of my pregnancy, and back then I was really using it. But every week that it showed concern about the weight I was gaining, I used it less and less. I understand that Nintendo has to cover their butts from a liability perspective, but since a lot of mom’s use it it wouldn’t be beyond the pale to develop SOMETHING that took pregnancy unto consideration.

  15. Zeynep

    1. no – the plane ride is like 29 hours total.
    2. we love wii fit. we play as a family, check each others scores and games and my kids love to imitate me when doing yoga stuff. i havent lost any weight, and always write my own weight as a “goal” though i need to lose some. i think it is important to look at it like a game that has benefits rather than a regular workout regimen. and for those lazy bums like myself, without a regular workout regimen, wii fit games is “better than just sitting there”.

    ps. sorry about the caps, i think someone spilled something on my keyboard and my shift keys

  16. Well Read Hostess

    1) NO because I live on the wrong side of the Mississippi and had never heard of Mom 2.0 until Sunday because I’m a moron.
    2) NO because I don’t have Wii Fit b/c I’m too cheap to buy it and probably also because then I would have no excuse to be so f-ing lazy, because SERIOUSLY, I should be able to do this!

    Whew. Feel better now.

  17. zandor

    I have a wii fit at home, but since I am in college i’m not able to use it much. When my stepdad or mom use it sometimes it asks them where I am. Ha. I like using it though because it’s fun.

  18. J at

    I just read something online the other day about this, about how people aren’t using wii fit any more than any other fitness routine they’ve attempted.

    There are those few who truly stick with it, though, and for them it is successful. For the rest of us, I guess it’s just fun.

    I won’t be at Mom 2.0, and I don’t have a WII Fit. I did buy a DDR mat years ago, under the same idea, fun indoor exercise. We don’t use it at all.

  19. Mayberry

    Here is the post I mentioned above, listing a few cheesy reasons I like the Wii Fit.

  20. Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer

    Here’s my BEST advice for the Wii and Wii fit.

    We started a Wii FAMILY WAR! Basically, we started a spreadsheet that lists our scores in the top 3 places for each thing to do. This spreadsheet is being sent back and forth with my brother’s family and we constantly work on outdoing each other.

    It started out innocently really – just within our house and then my sister-in-law asked me to send her my scores so she’d have something to encourage her to try harder.

    It worked like a charm. Hook me up with the Nintendo folks so I can tell them what I’m learning and help them FIX that buy/not use problem. Seriously … I have some awesome ideas for them.

  21. Anonymous

    I try to do it before work every morning. You would be surprised how easy it is to get 15 minutes in. At first I actually had to put it on my calendar though!!


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