Yeah, he’s 3.5

Jenny has a book specifically about 3 year olds and their behavioral development… the book says there is a common uppity phase that they hit around 3.5… Whereas usually around 3, they are stoked to be doing more “grownup” things, getting into a groove, etc – but around 3.5 – they start having another bust of desire for independence, want to do things their way, etc. Declan definitely has been acting that way the past few weeks.

Mainly, I know it is just normal highs and lows that kids all have… But still hard to take.

Bryan is trying to not be too rigid and do more “Playful Parenting” (I think I am gonna have to go back and finally finish that book)… And I see a difference in how Declan reacts to him (i.e. . better) as opposed to how he reacts to me (I am generally more rigid, draw a line in the sand, no compromises, Actung Baby German Dictator style). Not to say Bryan lets him be a little asshole, he just finesses the situation so much better than I do.

Last night was a mess. Bryan was at school and Declan and I had pretty much our worst night – which ended with him screaming and kicking in my arms like a maniac.

After things had calmed down, I also asked him if he ever saw Mommy and Daddy kicking each other or screaming at each other?… And he said no and I could see his wheels turning on that one. I told him that we may not always agree, but that we always try to be respectful to each other. And that when he kicks and screams like that, it’s hard to work things out.

He was better today for Bryan but definitely had a few moments. I must admit, part of me is just run down right now and I know I am not handling it as well as I could be – and I am perceiving every little thing to be more than what it is.

P.S. Thank God I have a therapy session tomorrow.

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