13 blurbs about Elvis Costello

1. Came on at 7:35 and ended at 9:15.
2. Had no opening act.
3. Perfect for parents with a babysitter at home.
4. Didn’t interact with the crowd very much.
5. Couldn’t understand his accent anyway.
6. Interesting people watching.
7. Had to leave our original outpost, so I wouldn’t kill our neighbors.
8. Were talking about their country club social events so loud I couldn’t hear Elvis singing.
9. Which is their loss because The Imposters play really damn well.
10. Sang some of the great old songs including: a great mellow version of Alison, a rockin’ version of Pump It Up, Watching The Detectives, Clubland, Chelsea, and a superb version of High Fidelity straight into Radio Radio.
11. Did not sing Veronica, which disappointed some of the crowd.
12. Ended with my most favorite Elvis song, What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love & Understanding.
13. Danced my ass off.

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  1. Tree

    Sounds amazing!!! Except for the cc-ers.

  2. Bryan

    fortunately, we discovered the missing ass before we left, put in in a bag of ice, and had it reattached at Lime with a Mango Ass-attachment solution.

    Thank goodness we took that first aid class earlier in the day!

  3. mar

    ha!! glad you had a great time!

  4. aimee / greeblemonkey

    No polka dots… but a black suit and tie! He was MELTING.

  5. doodaddy

    Looove that. Elvis rules. I saw him with my now-wife two days in a row once. First day we sat RIGHT IN FRONT OF STEVE!

    Was he wearing Polka Dots?

  6. Anonymous

    go elvis go!

  7. nutmeg

    Did he do Stamp the Dirt Down? I think I’m the only fan who loves that song. And are all questions in comments retorical or do I think you’re somehow going to whisper that answer and I’m going to here it?

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