As I mentioned in my Chicago recap, I stayed an extra day to visit my friend Aimee of the Cool Name, her husband Joe, and their nearly 2 year old son Owen. I promised Aimee I would take photos of Owen as part of my New Years Portrait Resolution, and thank goodness I bought an extra memory card because that boy not only loved me, he loved the camera.

I wiped the total number of photos I took from my memory banks, but I edited it down to 146 keepers. And here are my top faves of those. Clearly I need to visit this kid more often.

(Click on any photo to see it large)

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  1. Anonymous

    Love them all!!!

  2. TxGambit

    They are sooo great! He is such a cutie!!!!

    I need you to come take pics of my kiddos. I could use some really good ones.

  3. joansy

    Great photos! What a cute guy.

  4. Joe (the other Aimee's hubby)

    OK, so you finally got me to read your blog. Of course, the GREAT pics of my not-so-little Owen were a huge motivator!

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey


  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    And TX, how about you guys come here instead? ;))

  7. Oh, The Joys

    And next you might enjoy a trip to Georgia!

  8. Mayberrys

    Wow. Those are GREAT! The first is my fave.

  9. emily.

    aww i love my little cousins owen :]

  10. Lil Sis'

    He’s gettin soo big and grown up!!! I can’t believe how quickly time flies! We are going to blink and Dex will be getting married and Ridge & Owen in college…. geezzz! Great shots Aim! xox

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