2 out of 3 installed!

Finally, finally, finally! Our new kitchen appliances were delivered this morning. Of course, they came on the only day in the 6 years of us living here where the main road next to our house was closed, and cars have been diverted down the street right in front of our house all day. So the delivery truck caused, um, quite the ruckus.

But our stove/range, dishwasher and microwave/hood were delivered and Bryan spent the day installing the Range and the Dishwasher. He took a break before going after the Microhood, which Danielle warned us is a major chore to install, especially in old houses.

Obviously he is feeling much better than last weekend. Of course, he couldn’t resist faking some aches and pains during his hard labor to get me riled up. Little shit. I can’t complain too loudly though, sine he did such a great job giving our kitchen a facelift!

Stove/Range before:

Stove/Range after:

Dishwasher before:

Dishwasher after:

Of course, 10 minutes after the delivery guys left (and we had rushed to sign the delivery receipt to stop all that the honking outside), I noticed a small dent on the range. A dent, of course, residing on the side that you can see rather than the side you can’t see next to the cabinet. It really irks me that they give you like 5 seconds to sign off on such things and then later, if you find something wrong – it’s a royal pain in the ass to do anything about it. So we opted to not do anything about it, which is what I’m sure they hope for anyway. But I’ve been complaining about it all day to Bryan, so I promise that is the last time I mention it. Out loud, at least.

More photos tomorrow with the microhood included!

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