One Eskimo: Live, in Person and in (lots of) Photos

When I was at BlogHer, I caught grief over the lack of video on my site. People also mentioned that I have sooooo many photos on Flickr, yet they don’t show up on my site very often. My defense is the GIGANTIC banner of rotating Flickr photos (see above), but apparently THEY don’t show up in Google Reader, blah blah blahtity blah.


For those of you who want more photos, for those of you who want more video, for those of you who love music, for those of you who love montages, for those of you who know the band One Eskimo and recognize how fantastic they are….

This post is for you.

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  1. Megan

    wow, Aimee – that was stunning. Good job.

  2. MPPs Mom

    This is great Aimee. Almost feels like being there and I bet the band would love this too! It’s definitely great advertising for them. You are really great at this! Surely those complaining at BlogHer won’t now!!!!!

  3. Tree

    I saw One Eskimo the next day at Mile High Music Festival, but this is amazing! I like it better than live video footage.

  4. zipper

    I love how people tell you to do stuff on YOUR blog. However… DO IT MORE! Ha. Great photos!

  5. Jyl Johnson Pattee

    You definitely need to post videos more often. These are great pics! I love One EskimO!

  6. Amanda

    That was cool. I vote for MORE MORE MORE!

  7. Anne

    LOVE one eskimo and love your awesome photos! good job!

    more please 🙂

  8. Rachael

    dude! I’m busting out my One Eskimo tunes today! Great pics!

  9. designHER Momma

    I saw OneEskimO in Indianapolis with my husband and they were amazing! Love them!

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