5 Days and Counting

Someone tweeted this link yesterday (sorry, I can’t remember who or I would give credit!). It’s a gallery of photos from the New York Times of Barack Obama’s inner circle plus audio commentary by the organizers, with backstory on most of the participants. I was struck by the variety of people, the variety in their ages, their backgrounds – and their poses. And while I am not a huge fan of photos set up on stark white backgrounds, I see their point in doing so – it really shows the differences between all these amazing folks who are poised to make history.

My cheeks broke open into a huge grin when they started talking about Senator Ken Salazar arriving with his cowboy hat in hand. He is famous for that round these parts.

Of course, seeing this, I had to go digging for MY portrait with Ken Salazar. It was much more informal, when my business partner and I won a congressional award for the type of grants we receive. We were able to meet the Senator at his office in DC and spend about 10 minutes with him.

He was friendly, personable, thoughtful. My business partner, whose son was 17 at the time could not help but ask him about the draft and the general state of affairs. This was 2006, mind you. Senator Salazar touched her hand and told her the story of a friend whose kids were packing for a trip to Europe and decided to put Canadian flags on their backpacks to hide the fact that they were American. He had the most poignant look on his face and said, “things need to change.”

I am so proud of the role Colorado played in this election. From the DNC to all that grassroots work to being a swing state to Denver County voting for Obama 3 to 1.

On election day, Bryan and I volunteered at an Obama office in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Denver. But that’s not what we saw. We saw people walking around with pride. People coming together. People talking about the future. Joy. Peace. Love. All that stupid stuff wrapped up with a determined purpose to TRY. It was fucking awesome.

I can’t wait for Tuesday.

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  1. Tree

    I loved those pics because it was so incredibly diverse and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. zipper

    that rocks.

  3. Anonymous

    so with you! right on! – m

  4. alejna

    I loved that slideshow. Thanks for sharing the link.

    I’m so excited for Tuesday. And more so for what comes after that!

  5. Megan

    I am going to be so emotional on Tuesday! Thanks for the link. I can’t believe your senator wore his hat!

  6. georgegsmithjr

    I can’t wait until Tuesday either! So cool! It’s nice to be a part of a movement that you believe in!

  7. Sizzle

    Me neither!

    My work is having a potluck so we can all watch the inauguration together.

  8. monstergirlee

    Great pix – thanks for the link.
    He looks so different in your shot and the the other.
    Denver is awesome!

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Sizzle – we are livestreaming CNN in the conference room!

    And Becky – I know! Those 1/20/09 stickers mean so much!

  10. Bridge

    Me neither! It felt wonderful to be part of this election! I canvassed each Saturday in public housing complexes, I was filled with awe to register people who were in their 50’s and had never voted! I was proud to see so many young people become engaged in hopes that we could change the course America was on!
    I had a chance to meet Ken Salazar when he traveled here to the Western Slope campaigning, what a great man!

  11. Becky

    Can you believe this day is almost here?!? I CAN’T!

    I have had a Bush’s Last Day bummer sticker on my car for forever and now it’s almost that date!

  12. nutmeg

    I too worked the polls that day in a very racially mixed part of town. When I pulled up to the location at 6:15 am there were hundreds of people lined up to vote. The line crossed the parking lot and went into the neighborhood for two blocks. I sat in my car and cried as I realized that almost all of them were African American. It was one of those life moments that I’ll never forget.

    Party on!

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