5 Reasons You Must Read This Article That Has 5 Ways to Save the Honeybee

1. It was written by my friend Rachel.

2. It is featured on a new community section of the GAIAM web site. GAIAM rocks.

3. Bees are cute. (When they are not sending people into anaphylactic shock, of course).

4. It’s scary as shit.

5. I’m asking you to.

::Vanishing Bees Threaten Food Supply::

And yes, while we’re all maybe not going to get into beekeeping for our next hobby (although, who knows?) – this some really important stuff going on right now, that we should all know about. And heck, I’m totally willing to pick up some extra honey and find some local organic kinds. Any excuse to go to the farmers market, right?

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Sarah

    that was really interesting, thanks!

  3. lauren

    thanks for the link.

  4. Christina

    (I’m catching up – for some reason your feed didn’t update in my Bloglines for over a week.)

    Thank you for spreading the word. My mom is a beekeeper – hobbyist with 6 hives for now, but plans to go full force when she retires next year. Her bees are so far doing well, but she knows others who have lost several hives.

    My mom gives us honey each year, and my husband eats it daily during allergy season – it really helps lessen his allergies.

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Hi Christina! I wonder what’s up with my blogfeed. Hmmm!

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