A change is a comin’

We’ve known for a long time that we need to replace the stove. It’s old and it’s yellow, for Pete’s sake. The dishwasher is old too. But it’s cool-old. The house inspector gave an appreciative whistle when he saw it 6 years ago. It’s a Hobart and he estimated it was installed in the mid-60’s. Maybe that would explain its’ “party cycle.” Yes, you read that right – party cycle. Can’t you just see the June Cleaver type with pearls and a full skirt that swishes when she walks filling up the dishwasher to make everything sparkly for her guests? But we didn’t keep it just for its’ coolness. That thing could clean like a motherfucker in 15 minutes flat. But lately, we’ve had grime residue and leaks. Breaks my heart. But the good news is: we’ll be able to replace both at the same time and make them match. Not only match each other, but the shiny stainless steel refrigerator. Woo hoo! The other crazy denominator in all this is we always thought we would replace with a gas stove, but the more we think about it – running a new gas line is a pain in the ass, and having one of those flat glass range tops will give us more counterspace. I have never been a big fan of the flat ranges, but as we continually struggle for room in our tiny kitchen – it looks more and more appealing every day.

Now we just need to actually save up some money to do it.

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