A very cool movie that you probably have never even heard of…

Bryan actually exerted an opinion over our Netflix queue and requested MirrorMask recently. Now I know why, because it was a wicked mix of special effects, animation, illustration and fantasy. It’s as if Bryan’s imagination leaped up on the screen. It was done in conjunction with the Jim Henson company but there are certainly no little Muppets running around – it’s more in the vein of the Dark Crystal. And while the storyline itself is a bit simple and basic, the visual style of the film overall is balls out amazing. I assume the Oscars overlooked this film because they had no idea whether to put them in Special Effects, Art Direction or Animation. Oh, and before you spend half the film trying to figure out who the mom is (like I did) – she is the chick in the wheelchair from Notting Hill.

And speaking of the Oscars, Danielle and I are all set for our catty bitchfest on the couch in front of the TV for 4 hours next Sunday. It *is* tradition after all. A society would be nothing without its traditions.

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  1. g-man

    H has been the sole keeper of the netflix list, mainly because she doesn’t like anything I do. That does sound interesting though.

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