An Absolute Joy

I know I will jinx myself the minute I hit publish, but I really feel like I must document this period in Declan’s life. Eight was nice, nine was lovely – but 10? It has been an absolute joy.

Sure, my kid is not perfect, and in particular has some behavioral issues that are private for him… that we are working through, and I don’t think are appropriate for me to bring up on here. Because he is growing up and his stories are becoming his stories rather than mine.

But the way he is relating to me?

Has been amazing.

Yesterday, he was volunteering with his dad at the school book fair. Last night at bed time, he said, “I wish I had done something different.”

At first, I thought he meant he was annoyed that he had to help at the book fair. But I tried to hear him out and probed further.

“You didn’t like working there?”

Apparently the issue was not actually the work, but the type of job.

“No, it’s just that I had to stand at the end of the line and make sure the right stuff went with the right people. The other kid got to show customers all the cool things that were for sale.”

We have been trying to work on gratitude, and being happy with what you have. Because, seriously. While my family has gone through some of our leanest times ever in the past few years, we still have so much to be grateful for – and this kid has certainly never wanted for anything. Sometimes he definitely forgets that.

My back started to go up, but I tried to be patient.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong. It was fun to finally be old enough to help at the book fair. And I know my job was really important. But I just would have liked to show people around.”

Jaw. Dropped.

He is hearing us.

He is growing up.

He is awesome.


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  1. Jennifer

    Love it.

  2. Laura

    You and Bryan are such lovely people, and it is definitely reflected in your boy. He is a great kid.

  3. monstergirlee

    That is so awesome.
    I must say, I love spending time with my son these days, he’s just growing into such a neat guy.
    Obviously Declan is doing the same. And the listening? Wowsers, amazing.
    Good job you guys.

  4. poopie

    enjoying it right along with ya’ll ^j^

  5. Becky

    10 is/was the best! Truly. I loved that age.
    11 was good too and 12 is turning out not to be as creepy as I thought but yes, 10. Was magical.

  6. J at

    It’s so nice when you realize that they get it. And while being grateful for having a wonderful school, and being old enough to work at the book fair and all is a good thing, it’s also fair to wish you could have had the GOOD job, and to maybe think ahead to if there’s a way to ask for it next time. Good for him. 🙂

  7. Everyfann

    Wow, the spam bot got this one. Yuck.

    But LOVELY post.

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