Waterfall Costa Rica Hot Springs

Costa Rica Waterfall (Animated GIF)

Getting back into the swing of things after being in Costa Rica for 10 days is hard. Overwhelming. Which is why I took some time this afternoon to browse through my thousands of photos from our visit to Tabacon Hot Springs and in a huge effort to relieve the experience, I created an animated GIF of my friends getting pummeled by a waterfall of volcano water.

Left to right are Kim Tracy Prince, Andrea Fellman and Romy Schorr. Good sports all three, and great travel buddies.

I don’t usually make animated GIFs, but when I do – they are cool people in bathing suits who make me laugh, a lot.

Costa Rica Waterfall Animate GIF (large)

For kicks, here are the medium and small versions as well.

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  1. Kate Majers

    haha love this!

  2. Zipper

    I love how you remember to do these sorts of things. My photos are all on my phone still.

  3. Andrew

    Great job!

  4. Jerry James


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