And I don’t even like baseball…

Well, other than the beer and peanuts.

But this town is going nuts right now. The Colorado Rockies are 1 win away from going to the World Series. Whoda thunk it?

I literally got choked up walking around downtown with the ladies this weekend and seeing signs like this one – all over the place.



Update: 11:40pm… THEY DID IT! THEY DID IT! For the first time ever, we’re going to the World Series! This is kind of personally touching for Bryan and I too… because the Rockies started here in Colorado just as we moved here, so Colorado has never not had the Rockies for us! GO ROCKIES!

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  1. Anonymous

    Good for you guys! Go Rockies!

  2. aimee / greeblemonkey

    AD, Declan really doesn’t either, he just has the shirts! ūüôā

  3. Alpha DogMa

    So that’s baseball, right?
    I realized that I’m a bad parent b/c my kids know the rules of cricket but have no idea about baseball. Or hockey. Or anything other than sport stacking! Yeah for nerds! Cricket-loving nerds!

  4. aimee / greeblemonkey


    And by the way, that is *NOT* my child awake at 11:40pm, ha ha ha! Just a photo that fit the moment.

  5. sue

    Although I’m not really into sports, I can applaud for your enthusism… congrats to your team!

  6. Tree

    I am totally psyched for them!!!

  7. monstergirlee

    I’m very exicted for the Rockies! I saw that last night and thought of you. (and my other gf who lives in Denver)

    So be prepared for serious craziness if they win – mostly good but crazy nonetheless.

    Go Rockies!

  8. soccer mom in denial

    Yeah for you guys! We were beyond glee 3 years ago when the Red Sox finally made it after 86 years.

    Today? They are down 2 games to 1 with two more at Cleveland. Eeeek…

  9. MB


  10. Candace

    woo hoo! my mile high livin’ sister is sooo thrilled!
    rado rocks!

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