And you wonder where conspiracy theories come from.

So, they “centralized” voting here in Denver this year. Meaning instead of walking into my local elementary school and voting lickety split like I always have, I waited in line for 2 hours at one of the “Voting Stations” and it was going to be an estimated additional 1.5 hours from where I was in line… I had to go get Declan!!! SO I DIDN’T GET TO VOTE. Pretty much for the first time ever since I was old enough to do so. (Bryan was in line for 2 hours this AM but finally did get to vote).

And guess what, this crap was ALL over Denver. And guess what, Denver is fully the Democratic blob in the middle of a red state. And they denied a request to leave the polls open till 9pm even though they saw this coming. On top of everything else, the election computer system crashed for a 1/2 hour today too.

Several people in line were talking about how even Third World countries have a better voting system than we do. It was absolutely pathetic.

P.S. They are calling Bill Ritter, the man whose sticker was on the back of my Passat when I traded it in this weekend, as the winner for Governor. Luckily he didn’t need my vote. However, it looks like Referendum I, legislation that would provide legal coverage for same-sex partners is tight and slightly losing right now. I guess they did need my vote.

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