Anger Management on the Fritz

I’ve been back to angry this week. OK, seething. What sucks is there is no exact event to lay blame for the anger – I am just ANGRY.

I know it all goes back to the junk that is coming up from my childhood, and I am sure it’s part of “the process” to get past it (or at least I assume – I don’t see my therapist till later this month)… and I think (hope) I have been much better at keeping Declan from being the brunt of my anger during this round. But Bryan has felt it, for sure. And Steve Jobs felt it in my post yesterday. But he deserves it with that iLife crap, anyway.

So, I’ll apologize for my latent f-bombs as I continue on my journey. It’s such a weird experience to wake up MAD AS HELL. For no reason. Well, there is a reason, just not a recent one.

On a brighter note, I took portraits of the two most adorable little moppets today and that is certainly enough to wipe the cobwebs of vexation from anyone’s mind.

I’ll post those soon.

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  1. joansy

    Awww sweetie. I hope it all works out soon. It sounds like you’ve got a good grip on the source of the issues. Hang in there.

  2. g-man

    Sending you the calming waves!


  3. painted maypole

    I don’t know your history, and that’s OK, but I know people who have worked through some terrible stuff in therapy…. I hope that you, too, come out of this in a better place. And just tell Bryan, like you tell Declan, that it’s not his fault you’re angry.

  4. Doodaddy

    I’m completely sympathetic — there’s nothing as frustrating as uncontrollable emotion.

    If there’s anything at all I can do… send you some S.F. beach sand, maybe? Right, useless, I know.

    Maybe just… reassure you you’re not alone.

    Take care.

  5. Nadine

    I hope everything works out for you soon!

  6. Anonymous

    Hugs, girl.

  7. Sarah

    Sorry you are still feeling all this anger.

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