Artist Intro: Lucy Schwartz + MORE Haiti Relief

You know what’s really cool about blogs? People do random google searches and then figure out that *they* are interested in the same things *you* are interested in.

Case in point, the people who represent the very young (age 20) and very adorable (see here) Lucy Schwartz noticed that I featured her on my last Greeblemix, and instead of sending me a cease and desist order, they sent me a preview of her upcoming (and very wonderful) EP entitled Help Me! Help Me! – available on January 26th. Really, you guys. It’s great. Even Declan likes it.

Guess where else it’s available?


Guess HOW else it’s available.


Blogging is so much fun!

So, here’s the deal. Comment on this post until midnight tonight for a chance to get a signed copy of Lucy’s CD – and I will also add the # of comments here to the total going on with the Greeblepix Contest this month, where I am donating $1 for every entry to UNICEF in Haiti (up to $250). Then tomorrow I will announce the 10 photo contest finalists AND the lucky random person who gets the CD.

Have fun! (And enter a photo while you are at it, double donation!)

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  1. zipper

    Now this is a contest I want to enter! And yay for your donation!

  2. Emily McKhann

    You are just too cool for words and what you’re doing for the people of Haiti is AWESOME!

  3. Tyra

    Awesome! Would have commented for the donation alone, but it would be sooooo loverly to win too! Thanks for both!!!

  4. Megan

    Oh neat! Going to check her out now…

  5. michelleamallory

    Will definitely check her out! Thanks again Aimee!

  6. Anonymous

    Wonderful! – m

  7. Erin

    I need a little lucy in my life!

  8. Lauren

    So cool! Would love that!

  9. Meghann

    “We didn’t start the fire. . .it was always burnin’ since the world’s been turnin’. . .”

  10. MPPs Mom

    from a mom to a lucy, would love to hear another lucy!!

  11. Bethany

    excellent! for both reasons! worthy, worthy cause.

  12. kacawratu

    Awesome! Thanks for donating!

  13. Chris


  14. Chris


  15. SEF

    Chris said “cool” twice. Cheater.

  16. Kristen

    This is awesome.

  17. zenrain

    yes, you are awesome!

  18. Kim Hosey

    I was just talking to my husband about how cool blogs are that way. Good stuff!

  19. Mr Lady

    Kick ass! That’s really awesome…sign my butt up!

    (My spam word is sheeple. I’m either thrilled about this or terribly insulted)

  20. Jen K

    Am I too late??? Cause I would really live that CD!

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