At some point, I will have to twirl 3 times, jump on my head and then howl at the moon…

Declan’s bedtime routine is getting more and more complicated as he gets older. It’s used to be that I just sang Edelweiss and tucked him in and was done with it. Now it’s a huge production that even has a script. Here’s how it goes.


1. Put pajamas on.

2. Take nighttime meds for allergies and asthma.

3. Go potty one last time.

4. Brush teeth.

5. Turn on fish aquarium.

6. Read 2-3 books.

7. Climb in bed.

Here is where the scripted part takes over:

Aimee: Do you want to count to ten in German or Spanish?

Declan: (Picks one).

Aimee & Declan together: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez

Aimee: (Sings Edelweiss)

Aimee: What do you want to dream about tonight?

Declan: Koalas, Kangaroos & Fish.

Aimee: And what are they going to do in your dreams?

Declan: (Makes up something fun for them to do, usually based on what he did that day).

Aimee: That sounds fun. OK, gute Nacht (good night), Schlaf gut (sleep well), Ich liebe dich (I love you), and nighty night. (Big kiss and hug).

Aimee: (Walk over to the fish aquarium). Good night fish!

Declan: Good night fish! I love you!

Aimee: (Pretend to be the fish talking). Good night Declan! (Turn off the aquarium).

Aimee: (Kiss hand and blow it to Declan). Good night Declan!

Declan: (Kiss hand and blow it to Mama). Good night Mama!

Aimee: (Pretend to catch kiss in the air). I love you!

Declan: I love you too!

Aimee: (Walk out and leave door cracked at exactly 6″ – no more, no less).


Seriously. Every single flipping night. Somehow we have added bits and pieces on to the routine over time… eventually the ritual is going to be a full-length movie. I guess it’s comforting to him, because he usually conks out in 5 minutes flat. (Either that or the fact that he is finally losing his nap for good and is exhausted from a full day at school…).

I don’t really care though – I guess I find it comforting too.

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