I am excited to report that Avery is home with her parents, the doctors are optimistic that her heart surgery can wait until she is 4-6 months old… and best of all, I have a pic of the little cutie.

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  1. Tree

    Little Miss Avery is a very beautiful baby girl! And I am so happy to hear that the surgery can be postponed.

  2. Tree

    Do you know – I keep coming back to Avery’s picture, get a bit choked up and misty-eyed, and just want to hold this precious girl, smell her baby smell and kiss her downy little head.

  3. aimee

    I know. She is so freaking cute, isn’t she? I may have to talk Bryan into us visiting her sometime next year.

  4. TxGambit

    She is so cute! Please keep us updated on her.

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