Back To The Colorado Dude Ranch – Black Mountain

Note: Our stay was provided by Black Mountain Ranch but all words and photos are mine.

While I feel very lucky that work has been keeping me so busy, one drawback is this: the photos from fun things we do sit there and languish. They kind of taunt me, waiting to be loaded up and shared with the friends who were with us on our adventures.

A perfect example are these photos from last summer at Black Mountain Ranch, a Colorado dude ranch that we have visited before, and hope to visit again – many times.


This time, we were able to bring a friend of Dex’s, which made it just perfect. The boys played together in the dirt with the bunnies and the goats and the chickens and the donkeys and the dirt and more dirt … and we were able to watch from a safe distance, far far away.

BlackMountainColoradoRanch_03 BlackMountainColoradoRanch_04 BlackMountainColoradoRanch_05

We also came back for more horseback riding. If you remember, the last time I was on a horse (also my first time on a horse), I broke my finger in two places. This time, I managed to get up in the saddle without jamming multiple appendages in a desperate attempt to hang on for dear life. Progress! Because, basically you know, the folks at Black Mountain Ranch have taught me to be a rock star horse rider. Or at least one who doesn’t break fingers anymore.


The boys of course, as with everything, had a much easier time. Which is why all the photos of me are waaaaay back and the photos of them are waaaaay ahead.

BlackMountainColoradoRanch_25 BlackMountainColoradoRanch_28

One thing I love about Black Mountain Ranch is they have a “fancier” side too. The meals, especially dinner, are just as good as you would get at many fine dining restaurants in Denver, or maybe better. The night we arrived there was this salmon which I had trouble not requesting seconds for. Like, I want it right now even.



In the evenings, we walked down and watched the horses be put out to pasture. During this trip, the donkeys took a liking to us, to Bryan in particular. It’s too bad Denver has restrictions against such critters as pets; I am pretty sure Bryan was going to try and sneak one home.

BlackMountainColoradoRanch_18 BlackMountainColoradoRanch_20

In the later evening, the Saloon (yes, Saloon) is open for music, dancing, pool, cards, and um, things related to Saloons. Let’s just say that while the cell reception is light up at Black Mountain Ranch, your phone is quite nice to light the way back to your cabin after having some drinks.

BlackMountainColoradoRanch_22 BlackMountainColoradoRanch_23

The last day at Black Mountain Ranch is usually reserved for something that any dude ranch should teach you. Cattle roping. And when I say “teach you,” I mean teach *YOU* while *I* take photographs.

BlackMountainColoradoRanch_52 BlackMountainColoradoRanch_51
BlackMountainColoradoRanch_47 BlackMountainColoradoRanch_46

We also had plenty of relaxing times, just soaking in the scenery. I know I am biased, but Western Colorado is simply gorgeous.


Thank you again for being such wonderful hosts, Black Mountain Ranch.

The boys continue to talk about this trip like it was yesterday, so I know we made a very special memory for them. We look forward to seeing you again soon!


If you are interested in Black Mountain Ranch for your summer 2014 vacation, here is their contact page. Also, be sure to like them on Facebook, because they share wonderful photos from the ranch all year long!

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  1. Anonymous

    Looks amazing. Gorgeous photos as always. – m

  2. Sarah P

    WOW. How fun. I have never been horseback riding if you can believe it.

  3. Liz

    Love that place!

  4. Mike

    What a great vacation idea. I love the pics of the kids with the bunnies.

  5. Karen

    What a great thing for your son to have growing up! Good memories I am sure.

  6. jennyonthespot

    Oh man. A dream. A DREAM! I’d love to take my kids there someday…

  7. Aimee Giese

    Thanks you guys. It really is a wonderful vacation. And a pretty quick drive from Denver!

  8. jyl from @momitforward

    Going to a dude ranch is on my bucket list. I am loving living variously through you and your picture. Soooo amazing! I agree! Western Colorado is bliss.

    Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  9. Lindsey M. Petersen

    I love that this was ever a hope for you. How unique! What a great representation!

  10. Jen from Mom It Forward

    When I was little, my family would take trips every year out west and we would always make it a point to go horseback riding. To this day, those horseback riding trips are still some of my favorite memories.

    Whenever we get together as a family, stories about the different horses always pop up in conversation and we can’t help but laugh. Some horses are just full of character!

    Beautiful photos and a great post! Thanks for reminding me of such fond and fun memories.

  11. Jill Greenlaw

    What a fun post. I think this would be the perfect family vacation. I have found cowboys and cowgirls to be the nicest, most down to earth people. They know how to have fun in a very simple, and meaningful way.

    Gorgeous photos, Aimee!

  12. zipper

    Great pics as always. The bunnies!

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