Keaton Simons at Alice 105.9’s AuNaturAlice 10

You *may* have noticed that over the past years, I have been photographing more and more concerts. One thing that is really cool about this fact is meeting the artists, and then staying in touch via Twitter.  I shot the amazing Keaton Simons a while back when (also amazing) local Denver singer Megan Burtt opened for him at the Soiled Dove. In fact, another amazing (and young) singer played that show named Jaden Carlson, and she went on to perform at my big school fundraiser Tellerpalooza.

Keaton was kind enough to have me in recently with he played Alice 105.9’s annual acoustic show “AuNaturAlice.” Other performers included Vicci Martinez, Matt Hires and Lifehouse. Vicci Martinez was on The Voice, but I found her album randomly on Rdio, and it is amazing. Just as she is live. Amazing. And I like the word amazing.

Matt Hires was fun, especially since his backup band coincidentally are friends – members of The Heyday – who have *also* performed at Tellerpalooza.

I am going to be honest and say that Lifehouse disappointed me. Lead singer Jason Wade chewed gum the entire set (yuck), had reverb on his voice (remember, acoustic show) – an effect he definitely did not need, and then the band only played about five songs.

Ah well.

Like I said, I was there to photograph – and then later hug – Keaton Simons. I highly recommend you go see him whenever, wherever you can. I look forward to the next time I see him in Denver, or on Twitter.

KeatonSimons2013_07 KeatonSimons2013_06


KeatonSimons2013_03 KeatonSimons2013_05

Keaton’s new album “Beautiful Pain” was released yesterday and it’s just as pretty as previous albums. Listen to it off his site here.

He will also appear on friend-of-a-friend’s The Baub Show tomorrow morning! Be sure to check them out!

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  1. WilderJanie

    I love Keaton Simons! Was so bummed to miss that show.

  2. Karen

    They chewed gum? Agree. Yuck.

  3. zipper

    Beautiful pics.

  4. Everyfann

    How did I miss these? AWESOME.

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