Beabadoobee Concert Photos & Review - Summit Denver

Beabadoobee at Summit Denver

One of my top priorities in 2022 was to see Beabadoobee in concert. We made it just under the wire with her sold out show at Summit Music Hall. Beabadoobee (stage name for Beatrice Kristi Ilejay Laus) is a Filipino-British singer-songwriter whose music has great range and whose voice is soothing yet still soaring. She was supporting her latest album Beatopia, and Denver definitely knew every word by the time she got to us.

After being kicked out of school, Beabadoobee picked up a guitar and the rest is history. She knows her name is cutesy, but admits she is stuck with it now after being a viral favorite. As someone also with a similar name situation, I feel her on that.

Beabadoobee is an act that you would think you know what you’re in for. A mellow pretty night of music. And it was that – but also plenty of rocking out and dancing too. Lots of love for her fans. I have mentioned how much I love watching fans get excited to see their favorite artists, and this show was no exception. The roar and lyrics was at times louder than the singer herself. Well deserved too, as Beabadoobee was one of my favorite shows of the year.

She heads to Europe in March and then comes back to the States with Ms. Taylor Swift herself in 2023. This has to be one time when parents are pretty thrilled with their child leaving higher education behind in the dust!

Beabadoobee – Denver Concert Photos

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