Being 43.

Saturday was my birthday and in some ways it amuses me that I turned 43. Many people are shocked at that fact – until they see me when I first wake up, wrinkles and puffy eyes in full force.

I loved my 30’s, so I wasn’t particularly scared of turning 40 – until all my health problems started happening. Now, I am just more determined to get things in order and get back to life.

People often say that Bryan and I “do so much.” Which I suppose is true in some sense, but we also don’t “do” a lot of other things. We don’t belong to a softball league. We only watch TV shows after they are compiled up on Netflix. We definitely do not get up early.

We stay up late, and we go out often.

So it probably seems like we “do more,” when really, we feel like our 40s have slowed us down a bit.

OK, me in my 40s have slowed us down.

But I am getting better. My diabetes numbers continue to improve and I hope the weight I put on while sick will eventually come off too.

Sure, I nap like we have a baby in the house again, but I would rather do that and feel better, and get out there – than not.

For my birthday, I had good wishes come in from around the globe and it reminded me how lucky I am. To have such dear friends near and far, and – yes – be able to “do more.”

Here’s hoping this year I get to do even morer.


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  1. cecily

    Hooray for even morer!

  2. Sue

    Happy birthday again! And I agree — for me, 40 brought health concerns that forced me to slow down and respect my body or fail big time. Then, we added another baby (!) and I’m *really* feeling the effects of severely limited sleep and the physical toll a toddler puts on your body over 40. I know this will pass, and strength will return, but find myself prioritizing napping over urgent to-dos, being extremely selective about what we do on weekends, and only watching Netflix/Amazon series we really want to see. I am grateful for the awareness and mindfulness that 40 brought (I am now 45) … I am better friends with my body and mind, and treat myself far more gently.

  3. Aimee Giese

    Sue, that is exactly it. We still do a bunch of stuff, but we are really selective about it.

  4. Aimee Giese

    And I am trying to be friends with my body. We’re coming to terms with each other, LOL.

  5. Carissa(GoodNCrazy)

    I missed the diabetes talk?
    But I asked my Dr. about unexplained weight gain and he was all.. yeah.. age?

    I’m all? Yeah.. NOT going to agree with that answer.
    I’m with you, nicer to my body but there’s still a little fight in me! 🙂

  6. Sizzle

    Keep shining! May 43 be super awesome, just like you.

  7. Tarable

    I think that growing older and wiser means listening to your body and making self-care a priority. As a friend, I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself. Take a nap for me!

  8. Lindsey Garrett

    Happy Belated birthday friend, the back half of your 40’s can be a slippery slope, glad you are getting a grip now. 😀 44 was the year my health took a nose dive, never in a million years did I think I would start watching my numbers, but I am. and PS napping is GOOD for you! xoxo – LG

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