Joe King of The Fray

Joe King (of The Fray) at The Bluebird Theater

For a long time, The Fray has been one of my favorite bands. Watching them rise to stardom has been almost like rooting for your local baseball team (if I liked sports). Oh, The Fray are appearing on another national something or other? Time to pop the popcorn.

Especially since during that time, Dex was little, and I wasn’t doing much concert photography. It’s hard to get out when you have a baby and all you want to do is sleep.

However, when that baby grew older and it came time for his very first show at Red Rocks, I knew it HAD to be The Fray. In the pouring rain. With lots of close friends.

Almost exactly a year ago to the day, via Monika‘s Timehop:

What’s extra cool is I photographed that show. I am pretty sure it was *my* first time shooting at Red Rocks as well. Although all that rain may have ogled my memory.

And as they say, one thing leads to another and a few weeks ago, I was able to photograph Joe King’s CD release show at the Bluebird.

I could tell it felt like coming home for him, a small bar, with an enthusiastic hometown Denver crowd, and a backing band full of friends.

Oh you know, like Shawn King of DeVotchKaPatrick Meese of Meese and The CentennialSerafin Sanchez of Bop Skizzum… opener Nathaniel Radcliffe (photos coming soon of him and his amazing new band), plus a marching band finale including Fray bandmate Ben Wysocki on drums.

Joe’s solo EP is different than the Fray, just like any good solo album should be. Fun, Melodic, pretty, and showcasing Joe’s great voice. I really dig it.


I am particularly in love with the track, “Something Less Dangerous,” featuring friend and amazing singer Bethany Kelly of Churchill. That one gets stuck in my head for days.

JoeKing2013_12 JoeKing2013_14

The Fray was formed in 2002 (the year Dex was born) so Joe King has been performing in a big way for a long while. It shows in his stage presence. I am not just saying this, I had a blast at his show. I look forward to King taking his album out again, with or without the marching band.

JoeKing2013_38 JoeKing2013_42
JoeKing2013_32 JoeKing2013_33

Be sure to check out Joe’s site and follow him on Twitter and/or Instagram.

Tickets for the show were provided by Joe King. All words and photos (unless noted) are mine.

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  1. karen

    These are awesome Aimee

  2. Amy E

    Wish I could have been there.

  3. zipper

    very cool. I can’t even imagine how little you sleep.

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