Birthday Brunch

We had a lovely brunch at the 4th Story this morning, which is the restaurant on top of the Tattered Cover in Cherry Creek. We were celebrating Danielle’s birthday and 4th Story was kind enough to supply her with a post-brunch dessert, on the house (which a certain little boy heartily partook of).

I wonder what will happen to the 4th Story now that is seems the Cherry Creek Tattered Cover is moving near East High. I heard the owner is building a new building because the current one, with all it nooks and cranies, is too easy to steal from. It will be a sad day when Cherry Creek says goodbye to the Tattered Cover.

But until then, we had a lovely brunch and shopped in all those nooks afterwards. Bryan got a book about camping in Colorado – which we hope to utilize as soon as it is warm enough. (I have promised to make more attempts at camping, because I think Declan will love it!)

The server was kind enough to take a group shot, and it is so rare for us to have the 5 of us in one photo!

And, of course, Declan was very excited to hang out and hug on his best friends!

Oh, and here is the drawing Declan did for Danielle’s birthday present. I told him the letters to write, but he did everything else! He was insistent on changing the colors around to make it bright and cheerful for her!

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